About Us

Chadfest is a Social enterprise that aims to improve the lives of people living below the poverty line. The movement engages the average-everyday youth to develop and discover their giving nature and donate their resources, be it time, money or expertise in developing social programs that aim to tackle social issues faced by the less fortunate.

Chadfest is ultimately an all-inclusive celebration of life - one which is rich in history. From its humble beginnings, for founder Charles Zozobrado (nickname Chad), Chadfest was an annual day of celebration to commemorate his passing of age. As it grew momentum, and his life progressed, he found himself organising different days to celebrate for different groups of friends and family. As the years passed, the celebration grew to span an entire weekend, slowly encroaching the whole week, and today an entire birthday month. This celebratory nature has enabled Charles to engage in different social gatherings throughout the year, and in 2016, he amalgamated his personal philanthropic efforts with the celebration that is Chadfest.

Chad’s efforts with various established foundations over the past 20 years, has rewarded him with strong relationships amongst the community. He has introduced a social platform that focuses on the homeless people in Sydney, as well as children and families who reside in The Sydney Children’s Hospital. In recent years, Chad has expanded his philanthropic efforts to other parts of the world, namely developing nations.

Today, Chadfest focuses on creating social programs that people want to be involved in. If you want to donate your expertise in helping others, or require our assistance in any way, we look forward to hearing from you.